Survey Results And Signature Update 1.15.19

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In November, we sent a simple, six-question survey to all owners who have not signed the Written Consent form to Amend the Declaration. Besides classification data such as how often they are in Ocean Sands and when they bought, our primary focus was to have them tell us why they have not yet signed.  The response rate was 10 percent. From the standpoint of market research, that is a phenomenal response.

Three distinct areas impeding signing the form became evident as the results were analyzed:

1 – The need for Notarization
2 – A lack of knowledge around the issues
3 – Not clear how Ocean Sands will be governed with owners in charge

Items two and three above will be addressed in future emails. However, below we address the need to use a notary.

The requirement to have the consent form notarized is essential according to our attorney.  That action removes Coastland’s ability to challenge the authenticity of owner participation. The notary concept is world-wide.  There are three notaries available in Corolla; at the Library, Post Office and Towne Bank. The consent form can be notarized anywhere, in any state by any certified Notary. In general, a bank will notarize, often for free. All law and real estate offices have a notary.  Written Consent Forms need to be signed by all owners appearing on the deed.  Multiple forms can be submitted for a given property, whatever is convenient for owners. 

Please do not let the need for a notary stop you.

The written consent form is the legal vehicle to drop the developer class from our POA.  That step will remove Coastland’s control of the POA board. We need 670 properties to submit to the Registrar of Deeds to make this happen.  To date we have 78% of those needed.  This is 57% of all owners.  It is clear there is a consensus of owners. 

We continue to make progress, albeit slowly.  Some of the delay is based on good news.  The market for houses in Ocean Sands is on the upswing. Since we began the effort to give control of OSPOA to the owners, about 40 houses have been sold by owners who had submitted the consent form. Almost half of the new owners immediately signed replacement forms. But around 25 forms previously gained have expired with the change of ownership. We continue to contact and inform new owners. However, existing owners who have intended all along to sign the form are enough to push us over the top.  If we need 150 forms today, but lose 25 or more each year through sales, the time frame elongates. If you have decided, please send in your form today.

If you need a form, please reply to this email.

The Governance Committee

Al, Rick, Jeanne, Greg, Chris, Jim, Robert, and Dennis

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