Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Dues

I haven’t received an invoice for annual property association dues. Who do I contact?
For dues and billing, please contact Kathy Regan at Signature Touch, 252-441-8857,


I’ve noticed damage to common areas, broken dune stairways, littered common paths, etc, who do I call?
If you notice anything in the common areas that is damaged or broken (i.e. dune stairways, entrance signs, walkway, street signs, road damage, etc.) For maintenance issues,  contact Marty Regan at Signature Touch, 252-441-8857,

Post Office 
Post Office boxes at the entrances to Ocean Sands are available to full time residents.  Please check with the Corolla Post Office for further details.  Packages and certified mail need to be physically picked up at the post office due to the size of the boxes, in which case an orange notice will be placed in your box. For more information call 252-453-2552, or visit the post office at 1150 Ocean Trail, across from the Corolla Branch Library.

Fire pits, Chimeras etc.
All forms of open fires are prohibited on the Currituck Outer Banks, whether on the beach or on your property.  This is due to a combination of three circumstances.  The amount of grasses and brush on the overall terrain, the minimal rain, and the ocean winds.  Fires will get out of control quickly. This a major issue for Corolla Fire and Rescue and all residents.
In addition, gas and charcoal grills are not permitted on house (wooden) decks at the direction of the fire department.
In the event of a fire or a medical emergency, dial 911!

The local Library is located in Historic Corolla. It is open Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 5 PM and is part of the Albemarle Regional Library system; six libraries located throughout Currituck and Dare Counties.  Many books can be found within the system and if not in use can be delivered to the Corolla location for your benefit within 4 or 5 days.  There is a strong children’s section at our Library. There is a room full of books available for purchase. Paperback books are $0.25 and hardcover are $1.00.  Visitors and rental guests are welcome at the library and can receive temporary library cards. The library is located at 1123 Ocean Trail and the phone number is (252) 453-0496.

IMG_3607Swimming and Lifeguards
Our beaches are available for all to enjoy.  Lifeguards are positioned in each section near the primary crosswalk for the section. They are on duty from 9 AM to 5 PM seven days a week.  Lifeguards are present from mid-May to the end of September. They are the authority on the beach for all behavior.  When red flags are flying at the crosswalks, swimming is forbidden.  The reasons for the prohibition are undertow, heavy rip currents, lightning, or infestation of Portuguese man of war.


Beach Usage
All beach gear; including tents, cabanas, chairs, and sports equipment must be removed from the beach at days end.  This is by Currituck County Ordinance 10-128.  Unattended items left on the beach between sunset and sunrise shall be removed and disposed, including items left at the dune line and walkover access points.  It is not possible to retrieve items once they have been removed.

Trash and Recycling Pickup
Currituck County contracts with Bay Disposal & Recycling for garbage and refuse removal.  During peak season – May 1 through September 30 – there are two pickups of trash and recycling each week; Wednesday and Saturday mornings.  All materials to be disposed of must fit into your cans. If trash is not in your can, it WILL NOT be collected! If you have additional large items, see the next paragraph regarding bulk pickup. You must roll your cans out to the street the night before.  Please ask your renters to not place clans at the curb on off-days. 

Beginning the first Wednesday in October, trash and recycling pick-up shifts to one day a week on Wednesday.  To have damaged regular or recycling cans replaced call Bay Disposal at 252-491-5105.

Bulk pick up for Large Items and Brush
To remove large refuse, broken furniture, grills, mattresses etc. from your property you must first call Bay Disposal & Recycling at 252-491-5105. Provide your location, specifying your street address in Ocean Sands and they will provide you with a specific pickup date. List all items that you want picked up and place them at street side near to your regular trash pick up location. Brush and tree clippings should be tied up in 4-ft or smaller twine-wrapped bundles or placed in bio-degradable bags, and weigh no more than 70 lbs. There is no additional charge for this service.

Trash Can Rollback
This service runs year round. Please mark your cans clearly with your address so that they are rolled back to the correct property. If you have any questions, send an email to:

Security Patrol
Ocean Sands POA contracts with private security. Patrols are conducted between 4 pm and midnight, seven days per week. If you have concerns, call 252 619-0952 or email centurionsecty@gmail.comFor more urgent problems, you may always dial 911 for the Currituck County Sheriff. 

Disposal of Hazardous Materials
It is probably most expeditious to bring hazardous materials back to your primary residence community. This is because hazardous waste and material collection occurs only once a year in Corolla.

Water Bills
For questions about billing, call Currituck County Water Department at 252-453-3721. After hours Emergency number 252-453-3732.

Fire/Smoke/Hazardous Materials
If you should see or smell smoke, or detect fire or the presence of hazardous material, call 911.

Storage on your Lot
The restrictive covenants, which all owners should have a copy of, are very clear on this matter.  Any large items; such as boats, cars not in use, trailers, storage pods, and other miscellaneous objects are not permitted on your property.  The focus is on appearance and ambiance within our community.

More Information
For more information about your community in Corolla, visit Corolla Civic Association on Facebook!




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