Financial Statements


IMG_3992Below you will find an historical, chronological list of financial documents for the Ocean Sands Property Owners Association. Prior to the 2018 statements, these documents were prepared and distributed by Coastland Corporation who acts as management for the POA due to its control of the POA Board. Prior to 2011, we are only able to provide annual revenue and expense summaries. Beginning with 2011, we have entire financial packages available for analysis. Please take some time to review these documents and draw your own conclusions. Beginning in 2018, Signature Touch began handling most OSPOA financial assets. OSPOA changed auditors beginning with  2020. 



Annual Meeting Slides 2022

2020 Financial Statements, Auditors Report, 2021 Budget

2019 Financial Statements, Auditors Report 

2018 Financial Statement – Unaudited

 2017 OSPOA Financial Statements, Auditor’s Report 

2016 OSPOA Financial Statements, Auditor’s Report and 2017 Budget

2015 OSPOA Financial Statements, Auditor’s Report, and 2016 Budget

2014 OSPOA [draft] Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report

2014 OS Budget

2013 OSPOA Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report

2013 OS Budget

2012 OSPOA Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report

2011 OSPOA Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report

2012-14 OSPOA Financial Statement

2011-12 OSPOA Financial Statement

2009-10 OSPOA Financial Statement

2008-09 OSPOA Financial Statement

2007-08 OSPOA Financial Statement

2006-07 OSPOA Financial Statement

2002-04 OSPOA Financial Statement

2002-2003 OSPOA Financial Statement

  2001-02 OSPOA Financial Statement (see p2)

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