Letter From an Ocean Sands Owner email to owners 8.16.2018


“Dear fellow homeowners of Ocean Sands,

As manager of a local retail business, I have had the opportunity to talk with many Ocean Sands owners and residents over the past several months.  As the conversations often turn to the current state of Ocean Sands, it has been interesting to hear so many diverse comments and opinions.  While most admit that the overall appearance and upkeep of the entrances, common areas and beach accesses have shown neglect in recent years, there remains confusion over why it has happened and who is actually responsible for the general upkeep of Ocean Sands.

Homeowners who are here more frequently, either vacationing or just tending to their home (Investment), have been far more outspoken on the current state of affairs and, for the most part, haven’t hesitated in supporting the move away from Coastland control.  

Those homeowners who have come down for a preseason check seem to have more questions about what is happening and why a change is necessary.  Homes are rented…the neighborhood doesn’t look that bad…this seems to be just a small group of disgruntled locals…just local politics…are the most frequent reasons they give for not wanting to get involved.  

However, when asked about rental weeks now compared to years past; when asked why Ocean Sands flooding may not directly affect their home but what the impact is when their renters can’t get to the home through the flooded streets; when asked why Coastland continues to hinder flood remediation efforts by Currituck County; when asked what financial impact we will face because Coastland has no reserves for emergencies, and so on, you can see the lightbulb go on.  It’s no longer just about ‘me’, the homeowner, but about the community of Ocean Sands and its future. 

We now have the opportunity to return Ocean Sands to a premier oceanfront community. The current property management company, Signature Touch, has been working closely with our 2 resident board members this year with noticeable positive results.  Why Coastland management has not been doing this in years past makes one wonder if their interest is actually preserving and improving our community. 

My wife and I have owned in Ocean Sands since 2001, rented it for many years and have enjoyed living here 6-8 months for the past 6 years.  We didn’t hesitate to support the movement for our fellow homeowners to control the destiny of our neighborhood.  We have watched how our sister neighborhood, Crown Point, has successfully removed itself from Coastland and has prospered under self-governance.  We intend to enjoy many more years in Ocean Sands and want only the best for the community, its homeowners and most importantly, the thousands of visitors who come each year.

I encourage you to seriously consider what is best for Ocean Sands and complete the Written Consent to Amend the Declarations of Ocean Sands.  With 73% of the required number of homeowner consent forms already returned, this gives me optimism, that along with your help, we can have a voice in the future of Ocean Sands and benefit from the outstanding community Ocean Sands once was and can be again.  

Gene Hughes

748 Waters Edge, section M


Please submit your Written Consent to Amend form as soon as possible. If you need a blank form, please click here to download the appropriate form: Written Consent Form

Other Questions? Please reply to this email. 

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