All property owners understand the value of “curb appeal”.  For a long period of time that feature has been lacking in Ocean Sands North.  Coastland Corp. has relied on the beautiful weather and fabulous ocean as the attraction because it was cost and effort free.
Well no more! Now with cooperation between Signature Touch and your owner representatives on the board, we are making substantial strides with improving our ocean community’s appearance. The photos above are just two examples. 
It is good to hear Marty and Kathy Regan of Signature Touch speak about their concern over the appearance and condition of the community.  With six other rental communities under their management they know how important that first look is for guests.  We have jointly agreed upon a plan: what needs to be done, in what order, over what time period, and the difference between on-going maintenance and landscaping improvement.
MNA Services is a local (owners live in Ocean Sands) landscaping service that has performed limited trimming and mowing under the direction of Bob DeFazio.  They have expanded their staff and enthusiastically embraced the plan to improve the appearance of Ocean Sands North.  Your owner representatives worked closely with Signature Touch to develop a new contract with MNA Services that finally provides the expectations, specifications and direction that was needed to provide MNA with the necessary guidance to improve community landscaping.

To date the following has already been accomplished:

  1. The 3 feet on either side of the five entryway roads has been mowed and trimmed from Route 12 down to the first intersection.  Various owners readily gave their permission. This will be maintained biweekly.
  2. Along the entryway roads heavy vegetation; trees and bushes that have grown up impeding both driver visibility and walkers have been removed by MNA. Volunteers from Master Gardeners, including some who are from Ocean Sands, worked with Rick Kinner to design landscaping for all five entry ways into Ocean Sands.  This included plants selection and placement as well as improving visibility. Both Sandfiddler Trail and Driftwood Way (Sections F and KLMNPQ) entryways had hills reduced and removed for improved visibility.
  3. We purchased only plants that are indigenous to the Atlantic seaboard, are drought tolerant and perennial.  MNA Services was able to get all the work done and plants in the ground prior to the annual meeting.  
Hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe summer.
The Governance Committee
Al, Rick, Jeanne, Greg, Chris, Jim, Robert and Dennis


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