An Update from the Corolla Stormwater Advisory Board, as of 10/12/16

Below is a brief update from Al Marzetti, member of the Corolla Stormwater Advisory Board, on activity with additional pumps as of
Wednesday, October 12

– 3 additional pumps acquired today, one 8″, one 6″, one 4″

– Crew of 6 contractors worked to set up and lay hose today and 4 will be back tomorrow

– 6″ pump placed at Porpoise Point in Section D and street fully pumped out today. This pump will be moved to HIJO lake tomorrow

– 8″ pump located at the HIJO lake; outlet needs to be pinned to beach for safety purposes; will be operational Thursday morning

– 6″ pump at lake moved to end of Sea Mist Lane at corner of moat around Wastewater Plant (i.e., the “Crown Point Ditch”); this should help drain Crown Point Circle and Sections Q & N

– 4″ pump will be located at Sanderling Trail & Grebe Court on Thursday. Sanderling Trail will also benefit from lowering the lake as there is a culvert that runs under Seabird way at Sanderling Trail that drains to the lake.

The County Engineer will continue to monitor the situation and periodically relocate pumps as appropriate to address as many issues as possible, but there needs to be deep water in the street to optimize pumping and the pump location has to have reasonable proximity to the ocean. At this point, the County Engineer and the pumping contractor determined that the biggest bang for the buck is pumping down the lake, as flooding in Section P is receding as the lake is lowered. This is emergency pumping focused primarily on making the streets passable

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  1. How can I get huge pieces of flood debris removed from my yard?
    Mike Ruane
    624 sand fiddler circle
    Section f
    Ocean Sands north

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