The Future of Ocean Sands – An Introduction

The recent series of storms, and its ravages upon our community, has served to emphasize the need for a better-managed, better-maintained, better Ocean Sands.


Over the coming weeks and months, we will be sending out a series of emails that will outline a strategy that will make Ocean Sands a better place.  Please read them and lend your support to our effort! Your participation is vital .

Your Governance Committee has been operating for the past 16 months with the goal of determining how best to manage our community for the benefit of all owners, not the developer, Coastland Corp.

We have a strategy for removing Coastland as the managing entity of our Ocean Sands community.  The plan has come together through research by the Governance Committee, discussion with many owners and advice from our attorneys.  This plan is based on using the North Carolina Planned Community Act (PCA) to amend the Declarations and rewrite the By-Laws.  This strategy will take some time and you, as owners, are key to its success!

It is essential that owners understand both the strategy and specific actions required.  We are going to present the plan in 4 or 5 explanatory emails over the next few months.  The first one is entitled “PCA” and will be sent out to you next week.  It is important that you read, analyze and understand all aspects of our approach.  We need – and welcome – any questions that further explore this plan.  In the end, you will be asked to sign a document, and to have it notarized, to cast your vote.  We will be conducting an online test vote with all owners sometime around the holiday period.

So, please look carefully at all the upcoming emails.  We will continue to provide further documentation of the poor management and lack of fiduciary responsibility on the part of Coastland Corp.  Please share everything with neighbors and feel free to send us any and all questions you have.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of our efforts by visiting OUR website, If you have not sent your email address to our homeowners’ database, please do so:, so that you can stay up to date with our progress towards self-rule. 40+ years of control by Coastland is way too long.


The Governance Committee

Al, Rick, Dennis, Jeanne, Greg, Chris, Robert, Jim, Gerri


Visit our website: Send us an email: Join us on Facebook: Home Owners Of Ocean Sands Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 56, Corolla, NC 27927