Stormwater Committee Video presentation mailed April 5 – Respond to the Stormwater Survey now! Your Support is Critical!


On April 5, the Ocean Sands and Crown Point Stormwater Committee sent a video presentation to all homeowners in Ocean Sands and Crown Point. The research and findings of the committee present a strong argument for establishing a storm water service district, to undertake the work that is necessary to relieve our flooding problems. You can view it by clicking here:        Ocean Sands and Crown Point Stormwater Video Presentation

A Power Point accompanied the video presentation on April 5. It details the current situation and can be found by clicking here:
Ocean Sands And Crown Point Stormwater Presentation ppt, a companion to the Video Presentation

Also on April 5, an email entitled “Stormwater Survey” was sent to homeowners, asking support for the formation of a stormwater service district for our community.  If you haven’t responded to the survey yet, please do so before 10 pm on Monday, April 25.

IMG_4005 (1)

If you have NOT responded yet, PLEASE act now. The survey window will be closing very soon!


Visit our website: Send us an email: Join us on Facebook: Home Owners Of Ocean Sands Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 56, Corolla, NC 27927