Greenway/Bike Path Update

Greenway/Bike Path Update

Path makes its way south from Food Lion

The Corolla Greenway, as it is being called, is a great example of the county and citizens working together. Construction of the path is moving along quite expeditiously. It is being constructed of cement for the road bed and heavy timber for the four boardwalk overpasses. The overpasses were  designed to move traffic over the sand hills that support the roots of large trees. These trees  were saved from destruction while a path was cleared. Among them are the beautiful and historic live oak, holly and wax myrtle trees.

one of four boardwalk overpasses

At this point, the path is already complete from Food Lion then west along Albacore Street to Route 12, making the left, then going south. The cement is finished past Buck Island, Crown Point, and Driftwood Way. The first of several overpasses (see photo) is just south of Driftwood.

Contractors are completing about 150 yards of fine paving and cement laying each day. The pathway has been cleared and leveled all the way south to Section C below the Harris Teeter. It looks great and the county is making it blend with the topography and maintaining as much old growth as possible. They appear to be on schedule to finish the job in time for peak summer season. You will have a safer and prettier way to enjoy walking or riding.



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  1. The bike path is a fabulous addition to the community. Quality design and construction Ran it from HIJO to food line and back at the end of March. By the time we left it was almost complete from HIJO south to Harris Teeter. Thank you

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